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They are also used figuratively in the sense of taking in something through the mind or the senses. The past tense of drink is drank. The -ed participle is drunk.

An advance copy was provided by the publisher. To have a drink means to spend some time, usually with other people, drinking alcoholic drinks. There was plenty of food and drink at the party.

Lynne brought me

Lynne brought me a hot drink. Chicagoland has always been the cream of the crop for this genre, and Drink Deep is by far the best book in the series to date. You should drink water at every meal. The drinks were served in the sitting room.

Chicagoland has always

But most readers are going to be very, very satisfied with the way Merit deals with her feelings for Ethan as well as her reluctant attraction to Jonah. Merit has always been a strong, smart, and funny heroine, but her loyalty and her honor really come through in this particular book. He was aware that he had drunk too much coffee. Drinks usually refers to alcoholic drinks.