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Flowers and foliage of

Lamiums are excellent ground covers and border edgings both in the formal garden or the wild or woodland garden. The leaves can be used on external wounds or cuts, or as a poultice, similar to how you would use yarrow or plantain. It can also be made into an infusion or tea. They are not only a wild edible green, but a highly nutritious superfood. It is also an important species for bees.

Purple dead nettle also has medicinal benefits. Their variegated leaves are as attractive as the flowers. It has multiple medicinal purposes, and is considered a diuretic, diaphoretic, astringent, purgative, and styptic.

The flowers of henbit provide a pollen and nectar source for long tongued bees such as honey bees and bumble bees in March and April. Flowers and foliage of henbit. In mild climates, it may even flower through the winter, making it vital bee forage. Deadnettles prefer shade where they take on a green hue and their attractive variegations fade a bit over time. Lamium is the ancient Latin name for plants in this genus.

Lamiums are not fussy, doing well in a good, well-drained garden soil. Dead nettle is a perennial flower that comes in The dead nettle is uniquely valued for the garden. About dead nettles Lamium thrives in shade but will grow in sun when provided with moist soil conditions. The nectar of purple deadnettle is attractive to bumble bees, honey bees and digger bees, a group of large bees that nest in the ground.

Two common garden spring weeds Learn how to identify purple deadnettle and henbit, two commonly confused weedy members of the mint family. Lamium is an excellent ground cover perennial for shady areas, grown largely for its spreading foliage and colorful flowers. Deadhead for prolonged blooming. They are usually fairly low growing, but can sometimes reach up to inches tall.

The flowers of henbit provide a