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While they're forced to watch, Conan fights a monster of the mirrors. On the way back to find the horn, the Queen's elite guards attack and try to take Jehnna, but the group, excluding Bombaata, fights back and stops them from escaping. This wasn't a bad movie and the novelization is quite readable.

In the aftermath, Jehnna succeeds to the throne of Shadazar and takes Zula, Akiro, and Malak as advisors. Inside, Conan is separated from the others and forced to battle a Man-Ape in a hall of mirrors, which he is only able to defeat by destroying the mirrors.

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As the group comes near, the castle is mysteriously surrounded by a lake. In addition, she secretly orders Bombaata and a group of elite guards to kill Conan after he retrieves the key. Conan then magnanimously allows her to ride with them over the mountains to the castle of Thoth-amon. Jehnna, who is the only person who can safely handle the wizard's gem, retrieves the first magical item.

She takes umbrage at this and the two scuffle for a bit before Conan pulls them apart. The director was to have been either Guy Hamilton or John Guillermin. Conan, Akiro and Zula, having survived the landslide, interrupt the proceedings. He also mortally wounds the wizard, who is hiding behind one of them. After some hard work, he pulls it away.

He tells Conan to pull the horn off Dagoth's forehead, which is the only way to kill him. First they meet the magician Akiro, who is about to be chargrilled by cannibals. They try to leave, but are waylaid by the keepers of the horn, who want it back. There, Akiro defeats the leader in a magic fight, while Bombaata and Jehnaa find a tunnel and escape. In the absence of the sacrifice, Dagoth is an uncontrollable monster on his revival, eating Taramis and threatening the destruction of everything else.

He finds out who will be able to touch the horn, how to awaken Dagoth and what's going to happen to the world in the future. This sequence is cut from the U. Everyone tries to stop this monster.

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Zula does so, killing the Grand Vizier in the process. Although Jehnna wants to continue, Conan decides to rest for the night.