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In October the festival moved back to Pordenone and to the new Verdi theatre. Since its inception, the Pordenone Silent Film Festival has covered all aspects of early film history, ranging from the classical Hollywood cinema to avant-garde and animation. Collezione Jay Weissberg After lunch, a very different kind of cinematic beauty. An annual prize, the Jean Mitry Award, is given every year to scholars and archivists in recognition of their work in preserving, interpreting and promoting the silent film heritage.

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Silent London will always be free to all readers. And strong performances all round too, especially from Georgia Woodthorpe as the mother and Gaston Glass as the novelist.

From until his death in he was Honorary President of the festival. The Silent Film Festival has helped emphasize how crucial the preservation and availability of early films are to our knowledge of cinema history. The current prestige of the Silent Film Festival derives also from its books, programs and brochures, many of which are regarded today as basic reference works in the field. The first retrospective, focussing on French comedian Max Linder, was organized as a true labor of love, with a shoestring budget and an audience of eight patrons. But years later we find her still living in the city, all alone, but still doing the dishes to get by.

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Elizabeth Bergner is radiant as the coquettish duchess, who falls for a repressed marquis. But among the less than ten guests from outside the region, there was the dean of Italian film historians, Davide Turconi. It was a triumphant homecoming. Suddenly the tables turn, and the duchess is pursuing the marquis to no avail. It ends in misery, and in a nunnery too.

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