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The voter has been equally pissed with the monarchical, dynastical and feudal manner in which some political parties have been running their business. He has also done a Post Graduation.

They were seen to be visibly working among the people. The common voters have rightly been fed up with the populist politics to cater to a particular vote bank thereby throwing the larger interests to the winds. However, many of our mainstream parties were still missing the wood for the tree. This system continued for quite some time till the voter got real disgusted. The neo-Indians are thoroughly fed up with the cantankerous divisive and disruptive politics of the day.

The voter has always responded to the needs of the time and returned a government which it found most suitable to represent its interests. The common man never knew how to make it to the rarefied precincts of politics even if one wanted to do so. Most of the elected representatives have been alleged to treat the voters with utter contempt. The voters keep running from pillar to post to get even their rightful work done and feel crestfallen when confronted with the irksome bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo.

What happens in future only time will say. The democratic deficit has been more pronounced among our political parties running democratic governments all over the country.

The voter has always responded

In fact, it has been one of the biggest criticisms of post-independence Indian party system that it has never been in sync with the political system of the country. Be it the parties or the candidates, the mainstream dramatis personae have often forgotten the voters once they have won the elections, with the voters left high and dry. It was a fictional David vs.

The common man never knew how

In fact, a criminal record, a penchant for vandalism and such other negative qualities are often considered the desideratum before you could even think of entering Indian politics. Whatever be the case, that voter is the ultimate sovereign, has been vindicated once again. You can no longer take the proverbial common man for granted. Hence, the renewed trust of the voters was reposed in the single-party system in the search for good governance.

Learning from its mistakes, it slowly but steadily picked up the thread to do a grueling ground-work to achieve the jaw-dropping feat while others allegedly took the voters for granted. Hence, the massive landslide victory for it. And where it has been, voters have also returned them back to power. Just because they happened to be close to the dominant political family, things were easier for the scions of these families. Many established, mainstream political parties were decimated in the process.