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Buccaneers The term buccaneer originally referred to a group of French settlers living in the Caribbean in the early s, who were known for smoking their meat on frames known as boucans. One rumor also suggests that Worley sold his house prior to departing, implying foul play. This type of collier was valuable to the U. If Cyclops had encountered bad weather while fully loaded with structural and engine problems, the ship sinking and having its cargo scattered does not seem entirely far-fetched.

In historical settings where these practices were common, the line between privateer and pirate was blurred. As long as the privateer restricted his activities to what was covered by that document, his actions were considered legal. Privateers were usually used during times of war to attack ships and coastal areas belonging to enemy nations. Remaining profits were divided between the privateers and their crew and the government.

In reality privateers were often

The original buccaneers were hunters who lived on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean, but when the Spaniards drove them off their island they became pirates. Any time people have used the sea for military and commercial purposes, there presumably has been some form of piracy. However, L'Ollonais gained experience and confidence for all following achievements in his career.

They called this activity Buccaneering. One of the best-known buccaneers, Captain Henry Morgan, was a privateer working for England, whose raids on Portobello and Panama City made him a legend. They would sail in privately owned armed ships, robbing merchant vessels and pillaging settlements belonging to a rival country.

There was a strong esprit among buccaneers. On both sides, the struggle was waged with both conventional navies and state-sanctioned sea bandits called corsairs. However, less romantic theories have also come to light when discussing Cyclops. Like all pirates, these men and sometimes women belonged to no nation, and answered to no law other than their own code of conduct.

Pirates are often referred to as buccaneers, but this is not entirely accurate. Not only were they hard to control, but many buccaneers had actually begun attacking French and English ships by that time. Encouraged by its large harbor, they were joined by several pirates who made their living by raiding the Spanish on the coast of Cuba.

Corsairs were essentially privateers although

In reality, privateers were often seen as pirates by those they were attacking, and were treated as such. Corsairs were essentially privateers, although the term corsair carried an added religious connotation because the conflict was between Muslim and Christian powers. Source By the late s, France and England stopped using buccaneers.