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Blueprints for Battle by Jan Hoffenaar download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Once you discover the finalYou need to complete the

In-Game Quotes Insert text here, without quotes. Some require intelligence lab upgrades or a specific research first. Reaver Dredge Fleets drop Unstable Core blueprint. The team has also increased the drop rate for blueprints in some salvages.

You might have to research a ship-based or base defense-based weapon first. There are a number of possible reasons you might not be able to use a Blueprint you have attained. Elite Salvages have an increased drop rate. Check the blueprint for details. It follows a long legal battle between a self-described anarchist and the State Department.

You can receive entire blueprints as prizes from monthly Events. Certain blueprints may be obtained by participating successfully in Events. However, if your lab is not upgraded enough, even upon finding the last piece of a blueprint, it will only show completed once your lab update is done. Captains may also complete a salvage blueprint by spending coins.

Hunting Blueprints are also called salvage blueprints. This will clarify any confusion regarding equipment and Forsaken Tech will now receive their appropriate weight reduction from Shipyard.

You need your Intelligence Lab to be built. After a legal battle, a settlement was recently reached. Several gun control organizations are seeking an emergency injunction to halt the publication of the blueprints. The State Department demanded Wilson take down his blueprints five years ago.

You can still gain blueprints without an Intelligence Lab, but you can not use them. Each blueprint has a single route to obtain it except Campaigns offer blueprints from salvages and from previous events. You do not need to have your Intelligence lab upgraded to find higher level blueprints.

Once you discover the final piece of a Drac weapon, the next blueprint you find will usually be the first part for a new weapon. You need to complete the blue print.