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Best Easy Day Hikes Salt Lake City by Greg Witt download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Bring a light jacket though - it gets really windy and can be quite cold at the top. This hike is suitable for all hikers regardless of age or hiking experience. For an extended trip, take the full tour and make it to Lake Catherine, which provides fabulous photos on a sunny day with some tall mountain peaks as a backdrop. And bring flip flops and a change of clothes for the whole crew. Buckskin Gulch Buckskin Gulch is one of the longest and deepest slot canyons on the planet.

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The trail head is accessible from the parking lot of Brighton ski resort and from the pavement, it's a short one mile scramble up to the first of the trio, Lake Mary. You can hike to it on the Big Cottonwood Canyon side. The authors give good directions on how to find the trail head, what to expect on the hike, the difficulty level, etc. Since most of the Mount Olympus hike is exposed to the sun, lather on the sunscreen beforehand and wear a hat.

And nobody likes to end their afternoon with a tip home on Lifeflight. Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Canyons Southern Utah is filled with slot canyons like this one, ripe for exploration.

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This trail head is in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Luckily, in Salt Lake City, a guidebook for hiking isn't terribly necessary. Trust me, this Living Room is way better than yours at home. For bragging rights, of course.

The Willow Heights Lake trail is fairly steep, but levels halfway once you are in a field of beautiful Aspen trees. You'll get the experience of a wonderful afternoon spent in the warm sunshine with a bright blue sky, the keening of birds and the quiet solitude of the trees as your companions. With Sundial Peak over looking the three lakes Blanche, Florence. Before setting out on one of these hikes, make sure to grab a healthy and filling breakfast at one of these eight restaurants in Salt Lake City that serve up the tastiest breakfast options in town.