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They read not because they have

And I do read cereal packets and I do have some trouble not reading more than two or three books at the time, so I still qualify as avid.

Now if this makes me

So I'm an avid reader, but not necessarily well-read. An avid reader loves to read, no matter what the genre. When what has been read becomes part of one's thought and decision making processes. This would be me when I have something new in the car and am cursing the green lights.

They read, not because they have to, but because it's a need. Now, if this makes me an Avid reader, than so be it. Every waking moment I find myself desiring to read. An avid reader is compelled to continue reading until the day they die. If it is interesting to me I read it.

Not to own them, necessarily. The book doesn't have to be a best seller or recommended by a celebrity, in fact, an avid reader will usually avoid those books. It doesn't matter whether it's all in one genre, or all across the board.

If so, I feel quite certain I have that too. It's like a great, big gaping hole inside, a black hole, a gigantic beast that is never satiated by only one or two or three books. An avid reader finds it hard to keep track of how much they read in a given year without the help of LibraryThing, of course. An avid reader devours books like candy, always wanting more, never being satisfied. If I come across a book, in a bookstore, say, I have to fight off this almost overwhelming urge to plop right down and read the whole thing.