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America itself is a paradox. The paradox, greatly modified though it is, animates me still.

Black Americans continue to occupy a low socio-economic rung. It is a country that, in spite of its Christian values, executes convicts by the truckload and craves a war every twenty years or so. There was a lot to take in I guess, after all, the U. All over, they will tell you what is wrong with America, but freedom is the one thing they think right.

The Freedom Marchers had been American. And whatever the insults to my social democratic senses, that is what I find irresistable about the place - the almost guilty, adolescent feeling that in this place a person can do what he wants. They are moved by fierce gusts and imperceptible zephyrs. The prison-industrial complex leaves penitentiaries overflowing with inmates. So expansive, and so smoothly written that it is really hard to capture it all.

The Freedom Marchers

Violence seems ingrained in the history and the culture. You can't wrap your head around it by taking a few train rides and writing a book, let alone by reading that book from your distant home in suburban Perth. The second - a major theme which he bases his entire conclusion around - is American freedom. The first and minor one is the kindness and friendliness of its individual citizens, which I'll come back to in a moment. Love and loathing come and go in about the same proportion.

The most articulate critics of America - the most articulate people on earth, and the most liberal - were American. He can be a social outcast or even a prisoner and yet, being American, believe that he is free. Yet there had been a time when anti-Americanism took on a gleam of reason.

And whatever the insults to