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According to Cone, if God is not just, if God does not desire justice, then God needs to be done away with. Universality of the Gospel and its relevance to all people. Therefore, we must affirm what is correct in the African conception of deity. Introduction to African religion. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular.

In light of the above it seems that we should affirm the similarities between the biblical God and the African God. Yet, these are surface cracks which reveal to us the much greater underlying problem of idolatry. These are vital questions which we shall now consider. It is a serious reflection of Christ from the Christian contest. With recent developments Christians are educated on ways to intergrate African marriage and Christian marriage.

Yet these are

Therefore, we need to be aware of this idolatry and proclaim with great boldness the God of the Bible throughout Africa. The worship has been made more lively through active participation of everybody. This is reckoned to be the day when the good shall be separated from the bad depending on ones actions while on earth. Secondly, Africans have distorted their knowledge of God.

In light of the above

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More so translations from European hymns and other goispel songs to local languages have been made. It should also be noted that Christ forgave his oppressors and there is no focus on retribution for past wrong in the writings of Cone and other leaders. Rather, the Supreme Being commissions other beings in the spiritual hierarchy to undertake these tasks. Thus the Bible contains all that God wanted to communicate to mankind. The Old Testament God of Moses freeing the ancient Hebrews from Egyptian rulers was the central theme of African American popular religion, as well as abolitionists like Harriet Tubman.

The Africans were no longer required to abandon their kinship ties and names after being converted to be a Christian. Regarding music, there is a break- through in making local African melodies and hymns develop entirely to genuine local African compositions.

Jesus Christ finds a home among them because he is a messenger of the same God their forefathers and mothers agreed it. The precise nature of this relationship, however, is more difficult to describe.