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This course also includes workshops dealing with philosophy and methods of science and culminates in a science-writing workshop, which focuses on the product of your scientific project. Critical to the success of management of common property resources e.

Prominent South African historians and cultural theorists will lead the course on History and Culture of South Africa. These sessions will also serve to stimulate questions you may address in research projects. You will be expected to share in music, dance, and craft workshops. The vast herds of game, formerly so characteristic of many parts of Africa, have much diminished with the increase of intercourse with the interior. Extensive miniature woods of heaths are found in almost endless variety and covered throughout the greater part of the year with innumerable blossoms in which red is very prevalent.

You will conduct research into rural livelihoods, and the experience will provide you with linguistic, culinary and other cultural exchanges with local people. Through these questions students will grapple with definitions of biodiversity, how it is measured, why it is important and its current state both globally and within South Africa. The program is physically and intellectually demanding, stressing full immersion in hands-on scientific and cultural studies. The okapi a genus restricted to Africa is found only in the dense forests of the Congo basin. Students spend the majority of the semester in Kruger National Park, one of the largest conservation areas in Africa and the oldest national park in South Africa.

The zones of minimum rainfall have a very scanty flora, consisting of plants adapted to resist the great dryness. It has strong tradition of environmental protection, which has resulted in the creation of many protected areas that offer excellent research opportunities for students. This provides students with the necessary experience in research and exposure to a range in different approaches to science to prepare them to conduct independent research.

The science-writing workshop introduces you to world class standards of science writing. Instruction consists of lectures, discussions, case studies and faculty-led field projects.

The coffee plant grows wild in such widely separated places as Liberia and southern Ethiopia. The northern and southern temperate zones have a flora distinct from that of the continent generally, which is tropical.

You will conduct research into ruralThrough these questions students will