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One who condemn'd divine and human laws. But, far above the rest, the royal dame, Already doom'd to love's disastrous flame, With eyes insatiate, and tumultuous joy, Beholds the presents, and admires the boy.

Care seiz'd his soul, and sleep forsook his eyes. The bowl that Belus us'd, and all the Tyrian line.

You promis'd once, a progeny divine Of Romans, rising from the Trojan line, In after times should hold the world in awe, And to the land and ocean give the law. Three more fierce Eurus, in his angry mood, Dash'd on the shallows of the moving sand, And in mid ocean left them moor'd aland.

The queen herself suspends the rigid laws, The Trojans pities, and protects their cause. The subject world shall Rome's dominion own, And, prostrate, shall adore the nation of the gown. Permit our ships a shelter on your shores, Refitted from your woods with planks and oars, That, if our prince be safe, we may renew Our destin'd course, and Italy pursue. There let him reign, the jailer of the wind, With hoarse commands his breathing subjects call, And boast and bluster in his empty hall.

Stretch'd on the grassy turf, at ease they dine, Restore their strength with meat, and cheer their souls with wine. Thus while the Trojan prince employs his eyes, Fix'd on the walls with wonder and surprise, The beauteous Dido, with a num'rous train And pomp of guards, ascends the sacred fane. Such time, such toil, requir'd the Roman name, Such length of labor for so vast a frame. They call'd them Altars, when they rose in view, And show'd their spacious backs above the flood.

The bowl that BelusCare seiz'd his soul and

The weary Trojans ply their shatter'd oars To nearest land, and make the Libyan shores. Athwart her breast a golden belt she throws, Amidst the press alone provokes a thousand foes, And dares her maiden arms to manly force oppose. From under earth a courser's head they drew, Their growth and future fortune to foreshew. By fatal lot to me The liquid empire fell, and trident of the sea. Phoenician Dido rules the growing state, Who fled from Tyre, to shun her brother's hate.